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Getting Active in the New Year

Gyms are closed across a lot of the UK currently so what might be your best options to work on your fitness as you enter the New Year? For the greatest health benefits aim to do at least four ‘sessions’ of exercise a week of around 30 to 45 minutes. Here are a few simple options that can fit into your lockdown schedule:

Couch to 5K: this is a great way to gradually build up to running if you’ve had time away from exercise. There are lots of apps offering Couch to 5K programs. If you’re not sure which to choose, the NHS provides a great graduated program that you can follow over 9 weeks. Find out more here

Online Pilates: this is particularly popular for improving strength and flexibility during treatment cycles – great for improving core strength, mobility and balance.

Cycling: A good way to get outdoors and get active. The roads are quieter and that gives everyone the chance to get outdoors and build up their exercise routine.

Walking: to up the intensity try repeats of power walking for 2 minutes and then walking at an easy pace for a minute. This is a form of interval training which is great for building fitness. 

Remember the key to avoiding injury is to build up your activity levels gradually… good luck!


Rachel Evans, Physiotherapist

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